Your Questions

What is Skydancing?

Skydancing is a “lineage” of Neo Tantra originating from Osho’s teachings, designed by Margot Anand. Sofia has studied with John Hawken (formerly Skydancing UK) and Skydancing USA.

Who is the Sky dancer?

The Skydancer is a metaphor for the Dakini, a high priestess of Tantra who guides gentlemen to explore the realms of sensuality, energy and body wisdom. She is illustrated joyfully dancing in the clouds calling to consorts to follow her.

What is a Lingam massage & why is it so good?

As Joseph Kramer, Renowned Conscious Sexuality teacher, says
“The difference between a hand-job and a sacred Lingam massage is the difference between banging on a piano or playing Mozart.”

The key elements of Authentic Tantric massage are:

* Tantric Breathwork to expand the sexual energy through the body, creating a Full-Body Orgasmic experience.
*Sex Center Honoring- a slow build up of arousal with an array of lingam strokes & prostate massage.

Why is the Breathwork important?

The breathwork is a fundamental part of an Authentic Tantric massage, but only takes about 15 minutes at the beginning of the session to learn. It helps to let go of daily stress, center yourself and learn how to expand your sexual energy through your body.